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EDUC 3900 Chapter --: Jan 27 - Module #3- Popular Music, Videos and Pedagogy (Part III)

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EDUC 3900
Dejan Ivkovic

Module #3: Popular Music, Videos and Pedagogy (Part III) Ballard, T. (2016). YouTube Video Parodies and the Video Ideograph. Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, 70(1), 10-22. https://muse-jhu-edu.ezproxy.library.yorku.ca/article/625922/pdf - Ideographs, better de ned below, are basically texts “that are ‘pregnant’with ideological commitment,” - This new label would indicate that certain video parodies represent a fairly new brand of cultural commentary, one that creates new messages from popular videos without directly mocking or contradicting the messages of the originals. - Phrases such as “liberty,” “freedom,” and “the rule of law” qualify as ideographs under McGee’s definition. They hold different meanings for different people, yet in general they create positive feelings with most of theAmerican public, hence their common usage in political speeches. However, because these phrases have such variety in definitions and represent abstract ideological values, they are often prime material for parody and satire, precisely because they are open to reinterpretation. (11) - “Ideographs suggest to their audie
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