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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2100
Timothy Deluc

Climate Culture Change Summary Introduction: Endangered Knowledge - Inuit qaujimatuqangit (IQ) o Weather changes - IPCC : intergovernmental panel on climate change - Polar bear experience - Irski: fear - Ilira: fear of people with power or control of you Climate change being the main problem of our decline of animals. Especially the polar bears, due to our green house gas emissions more icecaps are melting creating a alternate weather for the polar bears to hunt for food. The inuit, using what they call “inuit Qauhimatuqangit”, or inuit knowledge, to predict the occurring situation that would occur within the land. However, they fear due to the change in weather that animals such as the polar bears would be desperate and hunt off humans that live near it. Western civilization blame the inuits hunting to be the problem of polar bears diminishing numbers while vice versa happens where inuits blame western civilization of green house gas emissions affect the climate change Sila Wisdom a time for change - Sila : warming of northern o Weather The fear of weather changes has become a main concern. Climate change has been recognized however nothing has been dealt with. The combination of western and inuit knowledge was a good approach. Beyond Sila’s colonial Narrowing The acknowledgement of the climate change did not change anything. However, the inuits thoughts on how the world worked started to change as their ancestry knowledge started to depreciate and more western knowledge being placed into their educational system. The theory of sila or IQ started to diminish as the generation continued. Sila and Silatuniq - Silaup inua: owner of sila Sila can be determined as a god of some sort. Shamanic initiation - Test o The suffering journey  Great loneliness • Remedy to help rebalanced, to massage the individual to its equilibrium with the environment Shamans must go through fasting and cold due be enlightened. With try enlightenment you’ll be able to see other perspective clearly without a bias opinion on. With the current western knowledge it is hard to see that it is plausible, but shamans of the inuit tribe can feel and see things clearly. Conclusion: Toward Wise Climate Research Shamans having a near death experience of a polar bear attack or devouring them can be the fact of an illusion due to the fasting and the severe weather that shamans endure during their initiation. However, a scientist who was attacked by a polar bear lived and spoke the experience as she acknowledges that she went out into the loneliness to see the climate change. Statics also shows the CO2 amount has been increasing over the past century which causes the green house gas to rise even further. Researching Gaia’s uncertain Climate After harpers election, the round table has not done anything for the climate changes that are occurring in the world. Both the northern melting and the polar bear decrease was thought of the green house gas emitting, but nothing is being done as most of the chair man around the round table are economist, economist which try to find ways to utilize on how to use earth in our benefit. Revolutions in Climate Thought The change in climate is not a bad things in some scientist mind, as the change in weather would create more crops and vegetation for ourselves. Also the future generations would be benefiting from the excess crop and the warmer weather. Plus there are theories that every season change, there would be a small thin layer of glacier formed on most oceans connecting lands together. Solutions for the rising CO2 emission and heat would be getting rid of our forestry, where the soil would be able to absorb heat and dissolve the snow much faster. Also the combination of western knowledge with the native knowledge started to get noticed. IPCC Uncertainties - Global knowledge-sharing networks creation of the IPCC o World meteorological organization o United nations o This was used to monitor the environment - Using the statistics, we found human intervention into the weather caused the warming - Using models to simulate our weather, scientist can hypothesize what our weather would be in a few years o However the models are projected in a steady rate, without a sudden abrupt change - Gaia theory o Life alters it environment o Life forms grow and reproduce o The environment constrains life o Natural selection occurs - Arctic climate impact assessment o Local people and other living things depend on these systems for food, habitat, and other goods and services Conservative of science With the conservative party certain of winning the election, many environmentalists were scared Canada would head in the same direction as the United States for environmental issues. Such as the Kyoto protocol, where it was to reduce emission by 2012 however many would find this obsolete. Harper claiming that he would be able to reduce emissions of companies and overall by 20% by 2050, which seems impossible or hard due to the fact of rising demands. - Scientific ignorance - Epistemological limitation Due to uncertainties, we cannot predict the weather because it has not yet determined what it’ll be. Disregarding human infl
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