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EDFE 2100 Chapter --: February 6 : 17 - AUTHENTIC EDUCATION

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EDFE 2100
Naomi Norquay

 1: Chapter 2.1, “The emergence of authentic education”                          
 2: “How playing the banjo helps me think about curriculum”, Naomi Norquay (Moodle)
 Seminar Groups: Third round of prepared discussions. Lecture notes: - authentic education begins with the learner - standardized education as knowledge that is fixed - teacher communicates the knowledge to the students - compare prior schooling and current education and how education is communicated - learner becomes an important piece - learner understood as a unique individual - things evolve and move towards unfixed and unsure knowledge - the norm started to give way, educators begin thinking about students as having differences that make up who they are - emphasis on the learner as an individual - the individuals relationship to the knowledge of schooling - internal prompts — what motivates a child, what kinds of questions does a child ask, what does their resistance/silence mean - learning looks different depending on classroom makeup/environment/setup - the learner growing and developing - learning depends on teaching - enslaved person === not slaved - the learner and learners interest is important to authentic education - learner must have desire Small Group Seminars / Presentation Questions / Reflection Paper:
 one student will make a brief presentation of the week’s assigned article (the moodle article), prepare 3 questions for group discussion, lead the group discussion, and then one week later, hand in a small paper. The presentation must include: some information about the author, a point of focus / interest, and 3 justified questions for group discussion. The paper will include the prepared questions & justification of why you chose them/why they're relevant, a brief summary of the presentation and a fulsome reflection on the group discussion (quality of discussion, what people wanted to focus on, differing of opinion) . (3 pages, double spaced) Paper due: the week following presentation.Assignment weight: 30% (10% for the questions, 20% for the reflection) (hard-copy / paper submission) Summary: - Paper follows Naomi as she compares her experiences learning Piano to the Banjo as well as how each instrument comes with a specific identity - Very stressed when learning piano through formal and hidden curriculum of respectability. Requiring her to read music, practice instead of play for joy and be prepared for recitals - This was compared to her experience with Banjo lessons which we casual and adapted to what interested her and how she learned best. No stressful evaluations and her teacher allowed her to just play instead of constant practice - Reviewed how piano is supposed to shape her into a bourgeois and female subject of appropriate culture and femininity - Whereas her mother worried people would not take her serious as an educator if she played the Banjo - She then gets into the history of
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