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HIST 3838 Chapter Notes - Chapter --: Black Body, Masculinity, Ken Burns

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HIST 3838
Colin Mc Mahon

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November 25. Race, Class, and the Manly Modern – Boxing’s Jack Johnson
Newspaper Analysis Due
Excerpt from Jack Johnson is a Dandy: An Autobiography
Film: Ken Burns, Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson
-jack johnson as a sports celebrity/ hero
-race to describe groups of people with inherited similarities
-organize groupings on biological similarities
-race is a social construction / changes over time and circumstance
-northern states win civil war and slavery is made illegal in US
-racism, prejudice persists though
-1896 — various state legislation passed to insure race based discrimination was
-legislation was passed—insuring segregation was legal
-race matters to black groups in america—didnt like implication of pretend science about brain
sizes etc
-form of solidarity
-believed white boxers were stronger, more courageous, more agile, more determined, more
graceful compared to black boxers
-1920-1931 negro baseball league
-they had no stadiums though so they rent out stadiums of white teams
-league that was destined to fail but very popular in the 30s and 40s
-mixed high schools by the early 20th century in mid west —football teams and track teams
had mixed
-global culture of sport started to put pressure to integrate african americans into their
-black boxers found fame outside of american before they found success inside—peter jackson
in 1886
-paris was a hotbed of black boxing in the turn of the 20th century
-fetishization of the black body
-gender and race reinforce each other
-through modern sport in which men are made
-new masculinities are made
-to be a man was to be a white athlete
-white masculinity could be achieved through sport
-feminine identities are also being produced
-women are cooperative and passive
-women/ like people of colour are excluded from sport in terms of ideas and institutions
-anxiety about men and women and their roles
-jessie owens as a public success —sporting lewis
-joe louis only 2nd heavy weight champion of the world in 1937
-didnt please his white fows or help his black supporters—jack johsnon
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