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HLST 1000 Chapter Notes -Neoliberalism, Infant Mortality, Health System

Health Studies
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HLST 1000
Dennis Raphael

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In chapter two, the author writes about understanding the different perspectives of health
care and health within a social organization in a deeper level of detail.
Through the different levels of organization within health care; materialisms focuses on
the macro level of how health is analyzed, which is somewhat similar to functionalist, but
materialism is about giving confirmation that society is based on conflicts rather than a
consensus . Feminism is more focused on the difficulties between gender inequalities that are
coming up from patriarchy. That those individuals of males and females experience completely
different social experiences and power that is rooted from a socially constructed environment
they are born into. Anti- racism and Post- colonialism address that both aspects shaped
individuals because of the reason that it is the way it has been influenced into society of or world
where we come to take and learn from these aspects of life. The last feature of how society is
affected is through postmodernism where it attempts to analyze and form any type of theory
explaining our society, from truths written in history, whether fact of not, knowledge of those
who challenge to explain and perceive the world, can alter the history of society over periods of
October 6, 2014 Michelle-Lien Dang
Section A
Tutorial 10
In chapter 3, the article brings attention and awareness to why some countries and nations
have better overall health care compared to other nations. Throughout chapter 3, what surprised
me the most was the fact that even though we may believe one country or nation is doing well or
prospering within its economical class, that economical class structure can severely affect other
aspects in that country because of inequality- for example, infant mortality in Vietnam has shown
to be more than Malaysia, where Malaysia earns more income as a country than Vietnam. There
are many other examples where in countries that are less prosperous, a high GNP per capital does
not play a role nor is it needed for those poorer countries to show better results than those well
off countries. From those facts it is clear that those nations that give support for citizens, when in
need of emergency may not appear to be doing well on an economical level, but the production
in health is overall more efficient.
In the end, countries that are of neo-liberalism have been affected greatly in their
societies and also within health and its health care not always do well overall as a nation, but
suggestions of a materialistic approach may help in aiding in understanding closely those
similarities and differences that arise within that nation and others around the world, in hopes of
soon being able to improve health care in Canada and aiding poorer countries who lack the
resources needed.