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HUMA 1100
Sarah Blake

Moving into the classical period 480-323 BCE Ends the persian war First story of east vs west (by heroditous) Political Forms 3 most important forms: democracy, tyranny and oligarchy Share a common idea: equality under the law - applying to all citizens - opposite idea for monarchy: a king ruling Spartans • most physical force • mostly all men, but train women as well • primary job to be a professional army and be involved in politics • Helot (slaves of the spartans, did most of the labour) Athenians • massive fighting forces Asia Minor, Cyrus moved to the west now (Asia minor) Persian Politics • Medes ruled Persia during the 612 BCE • Cyrus absorbed Medes in his empire • practiced religious tolerance • 530-522 BCE: Son, Cambyses, succeeds thus becomes mad despot • Darius I series capital, and creates different provinces Greco-Persian conflict • Darius expands into the west, attacks the Scythian's • Persians had a monarchy, oppos
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