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Chapter 7-9

HUMA 1845 Chapter 7-9: Quiz 4 notes

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HUMA 1845
Marta Simidchieva

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CALIPH (khalifa)—lit. “deputy”—Deputy of the Prophet/ Deputy of God CALIPHATE (meaning the office of the caliph; the state) COMMANDER OF THE FAITHFUL (amir al-mu’minin) Dar al-Islam (Abode of Islam) Dar al-harb (Abode of war) ALI :Ali was the caliph after the death of Uhtman • The Medina’s, the Ansar’s and others solidly supported him but others from Mecca and those of the old Arab aristocracy of the Umayyads were bitter and refractory • Ali didn’t protect Uhtman when he was being attacked • Ali moved the capital from Medina to Kufa • Kufa was a good location for centralizing the administration • Ali knit together a unified coalition with people in Iraq, but his relations with enemies worsened • Aisha and other Meccans who resisted Ali stirred up trouble by playing on both sides on the fence • Implicated action against Uhtman and was conveniently out of time when it took place • They than raised a cry against Ali for failure to punish the killers • They challenged Ali but were defeated in the battle of the camel (Aisha riding a camel, her bodyguards were killed) Umayyds: Umayyads were pertaining of the Qurayshi clan of Banu Umayya, which became the first muslim dnasty with its capital at Damascus. Abbasids: Fatmids -> Umayyads of Spain -> A separate Umayyad dynasty , with its own rival caliph , prospered in spain during Abbasids time HASAN • Agreement to step down (for Muawiyya) • Retired to Medina: hi
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