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The Algorithm of Super-peer Selection Based on Dynamic Performance in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Network

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Information Technology
ITEC 2925
David Stamos

2012 International Conference on Electronics Information and Communication EngineeringLecture Notes in Information Technology Vol11 The Algorithm of Superpeer Selection Based on Dynamic Performance in Mobile PeertoPeer Network 1a1 b2c3d 1eLI Bin XIANG You Huan ZHAO Yan CUI Ben Ting WANG Jian 1Kelan City Shanxi Province Box 41 China 2Jinan City Shandong Province Shandong University east campus China 3Taiyuan City Shanxi Province Yifen street Box 53 China ab cheromailustceducn xyhxiangmailustceducnzhaoyan1279163com ddtanyongkesohucom heilongda163com Keywords Mobile peertopeer superpeer dynamic performance index informationquery delay Abstract In mobile peertopeer network peers have strong mobility and the topology of network change frequently It can make the network performance worsen also cause high failure rate of superpeer and instability of the system The proposed algorithm that is the algorithm of superpeer selection based on dynamic performance in mobile peertopeer network can select peers with high dynamic performance as superpeer and adopt an alternative of backup superpeer It effectively improves the network performance and system stability in mobile peertopeer network The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm could lower the failure rate of index information shorten the query delay and reduce the failure rate of superpeer 1 Introduction Mobile P2P network also known as the mobile peertopeer network It refers to the session layer overlay network superimposing above the network layer in mobile network environment and it is also the underlying access technology that can use the variety bandwidth and service quality Its main purpose is to realize data resources sharing and service coordination among mobile terminal equipment by the direct exchange way 1 Compared with the traditional peertopeer network each peer in mobile peertopeer network has limited communication range and strong mobility The highly dynamic property can cause frequent and fierce changes of the topology of whole network and it can also lead to inconsistency between the overlay network and the underlying physical network topology which can result in worse network performance and system instabilityBecause of the mobile P2P network has its own characteristics different from the traditional P2P network so on the aspect of superpeer selection in mobile P2P network if we use the existing superpeer selection Algorithms in the traditional P2P networks without considering its highly dynamic property it will result in higher failure rate of superpeer higher failure rate of resources index information longer query delay lower efficiency of resource discovery and data transmission etc The highly dynamic property of mobile P2P network requires the right superpeer selection algorithm to match with it Therefore it is necessary to design appropriate superpeer selection algorithms for the mobile peertopeer network The rest of this paper is organized as follows Section 2 introduces the related work of superpeer selection in the mobile peertopeer network Section 3 describes the proposed SSBDC algorithm in detail Section 4 analyses the experimental results Section 5 makes the conclusions 9781612750071102500 2012 IERI EICE2012 44
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