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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1710
Linda Carozza

Rooney Historically women were viewed as the other, the unreason, and the servants. Men are rational and neutral while eve is un rational and tricked Adam, who finds pleasure to being mislead by women, to eat the apple because of here unreason/appetite. Reason excludes body, passion, and instinct (which are seen as feminine) and therefore women are unreasoned. This thinking has become a sexist metaphor that people no longer recognize it as a socially constructed, but as a norm. A man’s reasoning being inherently more "universal" or "neutral,” thus "better" according to traditional conceptions. ORR In conclusion, Orr states that people should also accept the feminine mode (ethic of care), and the integral of the two modes. The feminine mode seeks for none violence, is narrative and empathic, and is open ended and looks for prese
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