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2) Tech ensures progress 3) faster, more responsive and aid us in problem solving (ex. 4) Promotes laziness and does not spark inginuity 5) The fact that you practically are able to have communication at your fingerti ps has benefits that outweigh the limiting nature of advancing technology. This allows for a greater utility for the largest amount of people 6) Advances in technology can be detrimental to society and to a larger extent b e extremely dangerous and completely opposite of the direction that society wants to head in. 7) Technological advances such as nuclear weapons and gas chambers have taken hu ndreds of thousands of lives and should not be considered progress to society. 8) The prior argument, although true that these inventions have resulted in casu alities of many people, they did in fact after close consideration helped those countries become the most developed and progressed in the world. If we were to take a look at the United States, which has developed and housed nuclear weapons, we can see that in terms of defense spending, and throughout history (hiroshima and nagasaki attacks) have armed the country against it's armies and was succesful in protecting and ensuring the further progress of it's nation. 9) The fundamental idea surrounding the concept of progress is that there is a p ositive outcome, and that progress may work to advantage some, while proving to be disadvantageous to others. What remains t rue is that progress can be measured in the increased functionality of all people that are affected either positively or negatively. Although there maybe be negative effects that technology may bring about, the fact that technological advances in almost every facet of life helps to extend and save human lives, works to the betterment of society, and increases o ur ability to understand the world around us. Does technology ensure progress? Does improved technology ensure progress? In order to answer this question, we m ust first identify and clarify the concepts we will be examining. The concept of technology includes all tools, mac hines and instruments and the skills by which we produce and use them. Technology as defined by the Merriam-Webster d ictionary is "the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area". For the purpose of this paper, a conceptual analysis can be used to identify possible meanings of the concept of progress that are relevant to ou r question. A. Foward movement towards a destination B. Advancement to a better stage, develop positively In this position paper, I will argue that the technology does indeed inevitably produce progress for society. While technology may advantage some and serve as a disadvantage to others at tim es, "progress" is on-going, and at it's very core, further social progress allows people to become happier in terms of their quality of life. With the application of science to further advance techno logy we can ensure the beneficial change and positive movement towards success that are indicative of p rogress. Present at least one argument for your view, justify premises Advancements in technology and new innovations drastically makes life easier and therefore more productive for many in society. New inventions, particularly for personal use (cellular pho ne, computer, automotive vehicles) have made tasks which may require a great amount of time and effort, easier to accomplish in a fractio n of the time it would take to complete without this technology. Assistive technology has made life much better for those who are hearing impaired, with the introduction of the hearing aid. The airplane has provided a means of t ravelling from place to place to those who would otherwise be unable to. Advancements in payment card technology has al lowed people to use the InteracTM service that provides instant access to funds at point of sale terminals. This eliminate s the need to always carry tangible bank notes and provides a secure method of payment that is easily accesible. It opens up the oppurtunity to do things one may have otherwised declined to do. Sending an email is much easie r than writing a letter. Which takes time and patience. 100 years ago, one might have not written a letter altogether if i t was deemed not important or practical enough. Today, it is easier than ever, and one can decide to write any thing, regardless of importance. Objection A common argument against the position that technology ensures progress, is the fact that technology has caused individuals to become much more lazy and counterproductive with the introduction of many inventions that we use so frequently in our everyday lives. One may argue that the use of cars for example has caused us to become de pendant on vehicles to get everywhere. As a result, there is less of an incentive to travel by foot, which negatively a ffects their health. Television, video games and social entertainment occupy much of people's time during the day and have ma de it easier for millions of people to become counter-productive. Technology has made individuals become sedintary, it is not uncommon for people to sit in frontof a computer screen for countless hours neglecting work, friends and family. Response While technology can provide a means for society to become counterproductive, we must keep in mind that technology on it's own, is fundamentally neutral, it is what we choose to do with it that is im
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