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Modr 1770 ch 6

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Linda Carozza

Ch 6 credible sources and appeals to experts Evaluating the credibility of sources In order to make a reasoned judgment we need to have a criteria for determining what makes a source of information credibleGuiding questions for evaluation of sources 1Is the claim from an appropriate domain of kL the person giving the claim should be from the specific field we have prima facie groups to believe people in the physical sciences about certain phenomenons that have recently been determinedThe domain must be widely agreed upon and have expert consensus in the field 2Is there a consensus among the relevant experts to support the claimThe appeal to authority is weakened if there is not an expert consensus of a claim 3Is the authority appealed to competent in the domain of the claim4Has the expert had an opportunity to review relevant information before giving an
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