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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

History of Astronomys Lecture 2May 2 2012There are 3 sites of having a connection to the sky o Sun which would be an obvious onethe Sun produces heat and light and they are essential for the surivival o Newgrange which would have existed around the 3200 BC the Newgrange would be known as a Tomb Stone in IrelandSome believe that it was built for a persongodsIt is known to be the largest circular wall and it has been said to be the side of a baseball field Even though the walls and everything else has been renovated or recontrustructed the roof still remains to be the original partpiece of the Newgrange The Rock passage leads to spiral carvings It is unique because above the entrance has a roof box which faces the direction that the sun rises at the shortest day of the yearYOUTUBE VIDEO Magical Newgrange o Stonehenge would have existed around 3000 BC this is an arrangement of stones that are complex and
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