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Chapter 5

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

NATS1745 6.0 History ofAstronomyChapter 5 Exam Review 1. • to complete the mapping of the heavens from a single location over several years • no he did not complete it • Kepler did 2. • witnessed an eclipse • noticed ptlomeic and Copernicus predictions where not accurate • wanted to created an accurate map of the heavens 3. • supernova remained fixed relative to other stars • meant it happened in the orb of the stars • celestial objects are eternal but here is a new event 4. • parallax is the perceived shift of an object relative to it background due to the motion of the observer • because the angular shift is so small, it can not be observed with the naked eye.At a minimum a telescope is required 5. • because he calculated that the closest star was 7000AU, which he thought was a waste of space so the earth had to be fixed 6. • An Astronomical Unit is the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun. 7. • earth centre, moon circles it • the planets all circle the sun while the sun circles the earth 8. • observed it from Hven and sent some one to coppenhagen • wanted to find parallax distance that it was in the realm of the heavens • also it intersected with the orbits of Venus and merc
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