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York University
Operations Management and Information System
OMIS 2010
Alan Marshall

Chapter 14 Statistical Inference A Review of Chapters12 and 13 141 Introduction This chapter was much more than a review of the statistical techniques presented in the previous three chapters As weve repeatedly said the most difficult challenge facing statistics students is the problem of choosing the correct method At this point we think it is necessary for you to look back and check to see whether you can select the appropriate inferential procedure from the 17 already presented Obviously if you cannot identify the right technique now you will be unable to perform that task later in a realworld setting in another course or on the final exam in this course when two or three times as many methods have been covered In this chapter we provide 13 exercises whose solution requires the use of one of the statistical techniques introduced in Chapters 12 and 13 We recommend that you use the flowchart exhibited in the textbook Figure 141 For each exercise proceed through the flowchart answering all questions in order to identify the method to use Then specify the null and alternative hypotheses and the rejection region if youre performing calculations manually Although in our solutions appearing at the back of this study guide weve shown complete solutions including the calculation of the test statistic we suggest that this last step is not absolutely necessary for you It is far more important that you concentrate on technique identification than on the simple arithmetic needed to produce the value of the test statistic If youre short of time do not compute the test statistic For an illustration of how the flowchart is to be used examine the following example Example 141 Several years ago two adjacent counties elected school boards with diametrically different philosophies of education Each school board established its own curriculums and standards To determine whether differences exist between the two counties in terms of the success of their high school students a preliminary study was launched Random samples of 100 20yearolds were drawn from each county The respondents were asked the following questions a Did you complete high school1 Yes 0 Nob How many years of high school did you complete The data are not shown Assume that they were stored on a data disk Determine the statistical techniques and specify the null and alternative hypotheses the test statistic and the rejection region using 5 to conclude that differences between the two counties exist in terms of dropout rates and years of high school completed 170
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