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PHIL 2070 Chapter Notes -Egotism

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PHIL 2070
Susan Dimock

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PHIL 2070 Jan. 27
Egoism and Moral Skepticism
1. -Psychological Egoism: view that all men are selfish in everything they do, that is,
that the only motive from which anyone ever acts is self-interest
-Ethical Egoism: normative view about how men ought to act, regardless of how
men do in fact behave, they have no obligation to do anything except what is in
their own best interest
Psychological Egoism
- Two Arguments:
o(1) As long as X acts it is in his self-interest, when we make a choice
between two actions the action we chose was chosen for a reason (this is
completely false)
o(2) Any action is self-regarding since action produces a sense of self-
satisfaction which leaves others to be left without regard, hoping for peace
of mind
But isn’t it the unselfish man who helps people because of his
peace of mind and the selfish man who does not care to act
because it will not effect his state of mind
Confusion within Egoism
- (1) Confusion between selfishness and self-interested
- (2) Assumption that all actions are made from self-interest or other regarding
motives, there is no genuine altruism
- (3) Assumption that a concern for one’s welfare is incompatible with any genuine
concern for the welfare of others
3. - There is no obligation to act altruistically; people do not need to be concerned
with the welfare of others
- An egoist would have everyone around him an altruist according to his self-