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Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 1070
Rebecca Jubis

Multiversetheres was a tme that we thought the earth wad at the centere of the cosmos then galilieo and capenicus showed us that we revovlve the sun and that we are part of a solar system which is a speck in a galxy that is mixed with 100s of billions of galaxys At the time these ideas were far feteched but now we wouldnt dre question them the idea of a multiverse may be similarThe big bang according to it univers began 14 bil years ago over billions of years it cooled allowing formation of stars and planets as a result of this our universe is still expanding if you look in to the big bang theory you will find that it tells us nothing about why there was an explosion in the first place The bang is not mentioned ie why what caused itHow particles formed in early universe they examined whether the process they looked at would affect the expansion of the universe After reviewing calculations Alan Guth prof at MIT they discovered that these new found particle theory have a tremendous effect on the universe What they found was that in the extreme environment of the early universe gravity can act in reverse instead of pulling it repels causing a huge expansion this repulsive gravity shed light on the beginning of big bang Described mathematically this kind of gravity could blow a bit of space as tiny as a molecule to the size of the milky way galxy in less than a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of the blink of an eye sfter this violent outburst space would contin ue to expand more slowly and cool allowing stars and galaxies to form guth called this short burst of expansion inflation and he believed that it is what set the universe expandingin the first olace this inflation was the bang in the bi
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