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Chapter 4


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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 13- Stress, Coping and Health Part A: Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following statements regarding stress is incorrect? a. Stress is a subjective experience. b. The effects of stress are cumulative. c. Minor hassles may prove more stressful than major ones. d. One should seek to avoid all stress. 2. You’ve been invited to a dinner at a nice restaurant on the final night of a TV miniseries you’ve been watching and thus find yourself confronted with: a. pressure b. frustration c. an approach-avoidance conflict d. an approach-approach conflict 3. The week of final exams subjects most students to what kind of stress? a. pressure b. change c. frustration d. conflict 4. High scores on the Social Readjustment Scale were found to be correlated with psychological disturbances and: a. Type A behaviour patterns b. physical illness c. pessimistic attitudes d. all of the above 5. According to optimal-arousal theories, which of the following situations would be least affected by a high optimal-arousal level? a. taking a psychology exam b. typing a term paper c. buttoning a shirt d. learning to drive a car 6. The general adaptation syndrome shows that the body: a. gradually adapts to a particular stress b. gradually adapts to all form of stress c. may gradually weaken and die from continues stress d. can react rapidly to all forms of stress 7. Which of the following organs is involved in both of the body’s two major stress pathways? a. the adrenal gland b. the sympathetic nervous system c. the pituitary gland d. the pineal gland 8. Aggression is frequently triggered by: a. helplessness b. frustration c. loneliness d. change 9. Which of the following behavioural responses to stress may result in Internet addiction? a. defensive coping b. self-indulgence c. positive illusions d. giving up 10. Rape and seeing someone die are two of the principal causes of: a. post-traumatic stress disorder b. burnout c. learned helplessness d. coronary heart disease 11. Smoking is to lung cancer as Type A behaviour is to: a. coronary heart disease b. AIDS c. Defensive coping d. Mental disorders 12. One of the key links between stress and physical illness may be that the body’s response to stress: a. increases the optimal-arousal level b. suppresses the immune system c. decreases the optimal-arousal level d. suppresses the adrenal gland 13. Health-impairing lifestyles appear to develop: a. rapidly b. unconsciously c. slowly d. as a defense against stress 14. A major idea behind rational-emotive therapy is that stress is caused by: a. conflict b. frustration c. pressure d. catastrophic thinking 15. Analyzing the possible gains and losses before undertaking a health-treatment program is an example of: a. seeking information to reduce uncertainty b. listing alternative courses of action c. making a risk-benefit analysis d. analyzing base rates 16. Threatening events that have a short duration and a clear endpoint are called: a. chronic stressors b. acute stressors c. brief stressors d. hassles 17.The biosocial model holds that illness: a. is mostly a result of your environment b. is caused by biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors c. results from incorrect prescriptions and can therefore, can be prevented d. that science is usually incorrect in determining the causes of illness 18.When performing a simple task, your optimum level of arousal should be: a. high b. low c. in the middle d. almost non-existent in order to save energy Part B: Short Answer 1. Indentify the three basic types of conflict, and discuss which types are most troublesome 2. Describe the flight or fight response and the three stages of the general adaptation syndrome. 3. Describe some relatively unhealthy, and some healthy, ways one could respond to stress. 4. Discuss how stress affects immune functioning. Answers: 1. d 2. d 3. a 4. b 5. c 6. c 7. a 8. b 9. b 10. a 11. a 12. b 13. c 14. d 15. c 16. b. 17.b 18.a Short Answers: 1. p. 567 2. p. 572-573 3. p. 574-578 4. p. 585-586 Chapter 4- Sensation and Perception Part A: Multiple Choice 1. We have gathered 50 people together to determine the absolute threshold on a particular tone. The absolute threshold will have been reached when: a. the first person reports hearing the tone b. all persons report hearing the tone c. 25 p
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