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Sensation --> stimulation of sense organs perception --> the organization of the sensory inputs. THE VISUAL SYSTEM: • the eye channels light to the neural tissue - retina • light enters the system through a transparent window. - cornea • the cornea and a crystalline lens behind it form an upside down image of objects on the retina. • lens --> transparent eye structure that focuses light ray falling on the retina. • nearsightedness - close objects are clear, far objects are blurry. • the eye can adjust how much light reaches retina - iris (colour part of the eye) - muscle • the iris surrounds the pupil (dark circle) • pupil --> helps control the amount of light passing into the eye. • when the pupil constricts it lets less light into the eye - sharper image • when the pupil dilates it lets more light into the eye - less sharp of image. • saccades --> the movement of the eye. • images seen by the eye appear upside down on the retina. • retina --> neural tissue that lines the inside back surface of the eye and it absorbs light, processes images and sends visual info to brain. • the axons that run from the retina to the brain meet at a point called the optic disk. • optic disk --> hole in the retina where the optic nerve fibres exit the eye. • because its a whole you cannot see the image that falls into it. - blind spot. • the retina contains 2 types of receptors - cones and rods. • cones --> play a keyhole in daylight vision and colour vision. • fovea --> tiny spot in the cents of the retina that contains only cones. • rods --> play a key role in night vision and peripheral vision. • they are more sensitive than cones, to dim light. •
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