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Chapter 9

PSYC 1010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Sympathetic Nervous System, Sleep Deprivation, Barbiturate

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PSYC 1010

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Drugs and Consciousness
Tolerance and Addiction in Substance Use Disorders
What are substance use disorder?
Psychoactive drugs: chemical that changes perceptions and moods
Drugs that are used in moderation and without disrupting out lives are okay
Sometimes, drugs cross the line between moderation and substance use disorder
Substance use disorder: substance craving and used despite like disruption and/or physical risk
When is Drug Use a Disorder?
When drug use continues despite significant life disruption
Brain change may persist after quitting use of drug
Severity of drug use can vary from mild, moderate, to severe
Types of Psychoactive Drugs
3 major
o Depressants
o Stimulants
o Hallucinogens
What are depressants, and what ate their effects?
Drugs such as alcohol, tranquilizers, and opiates that calm neural activity and slow body functions
Alcohol is a depressant, despite how mush is drank
The urges felt when sober is what you'll act upon when intoxicated
Prolonged and excessive drinking is alcohol use disorder which can shrink the brain
Slowed Neural Processing
o Alcohol slows sympathetic nervous system activities
o In low doses, it relaxes drinker
o In large doses, it causes reactions to slow, speech to slur, and skilled performance to
o Alcohol is a sedative for the sleep deprived
Memory disputation:
o Disrupt memory formation
o Heavy-drinkers can have long-term effects on the brain and cognition
o Alcohol in large doses can suppress REM sleep
Reduce self-awareness and self-control
o Less likely to realize you've zoned out when on alcohol
o Reduces self-awareness
Expectancy Effects
o Solitary drinking doesn't boost mood but does increase development of substance use
Barbiturates (tranquilizers)
Also depress nervous system activity
Sometimes prescribe to reduce anxiety or induce sleep
In larger dose, can impair memory and judgement
If combined with alcohol, the total depressive effects on body can be lethal
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