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Chapter 15

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 15Treatment of Psychological DisordersThe Elements of the Treatment ProcessTreatments used by psychotherapists can be classified into 3 major categories o Insight therapies talk therapy o Behaviour therapies based on the principles of learning o Biomedical therapiesMost common problems brought to therapyanxiety and depressionYou dont have to have a psychological disorder to seek therapyPeople may avoid therapy for fear of the stigma that comes with itTherapists Who Provides Professional Treatment Psychologists Clinical psychologistemphasize the treatment of fullfledged disordersCounselling psychologistspecialize in the treatment of everyday adjustment problemsUse insight or behavioural approaches o More likely to use behavioural techniques then psychoanalytic methodsTreatment by psychologists is not covered by the governmentHave a PhDPsychiatristsPsychiatrists physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders o Focus more on sever disorders than everyday problemsHave a medical degreeEmphasize drug therapiespsychoanalytic methods Other Mental Health ProfessionalsClinical social workers psychiatric nurses councillorsInsight TherapiesInsight therapies verbal interactions intended to enhance clients selfknowledge and thus promote healthful changes in personality and behaviourPsychoanalysis Freud an insight therapy that emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conflicts motives and defences through techniques such as free association and transference o Assumptions neurotic symptoms anxiety are related to sources of conflict in the past and these conflicts have been repressedTo alleviate the anxiety the patient must become consciously aware of the conflict and reexperience it o Objective to uncover the cause of the anxiety and help the patient gain insight to the problem o TechniquesFree associationwhen clients spontaneously express their thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur with as little censorship as possible
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