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Chapter 16

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York University
PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Chapter 16 Social Behaviour Social psychologybranch of psychology concerned with the way individuals thoughts feelings and behaviours are influenced by othersSocial psychology focuses on 6 broad topics o Person Perception o Attribution processeso Interpersonal attraction o Attitudeso Conformity and obedience o Behaviour in groupsSocial psychologists study how people are affected by the actual imagined or implied presence of otherso Study individual behaviour in social contextPerson Perception Forming Impressions of Others Person perceptionthe process of forming impressions of othersEffects of Physical Appearance Studies show physical appearance has a lot to do with how a person judges otherAttractive people grab people attentions o They are overrepresented in the media People tend to view those with babyfaced featuresbig eyes smooth skin rounded chinas more honest and trustworthyMost of the time physical appearance is not associated with personalityCognitive Schemas People tend to categorize one anotherSchemas cognitive structures that guide information processingSocial schemasorganized clusters of ideas about categories of social events and peopleStereotypes Stereotypeswidely held beliefs that people have certain characteristics because of their membership in a particular groupSex age and membership in ethnic or occupational groupSubjectivity and Bias in Person Perception Stereotypes and schemas create bias in person perceptionPeople not only see what they expect to see but also tend to overrate how often they see itIllusory correlationoccurs when people estimate that they have encountered more confirmations of an association between social traits than they have actually seenOften people selectively recall facts that fit with their schemas and stereotypesIngroupa group that one belongs to and identifies with
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