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Chapter 4

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PSYC 2030
Krista Phillips

Chapter Four Notes: • Systematic observational research: differentiates the research strategies from self- report methods o Observation: researcher is viewing or noting facts o Systematic: implied this observation follows a particular plan or system that can be evaluated • By using multiple methods, methodological pluralism, researchers can zero in on phenomena from more than one perspective and this is called methodological triangulation and therefore arrive at a more comprehensive picture • Quantitative research: means that data exists in a numerical or graphic form • Quantitative research: that data exists in a narrative form, i.e. spoken words, recorded interviews or pictorial form • These two are at different ends of a continuum • Participant observation refers to the investigator as opposed to research participant. They are called informants by sociologists. It is when you are investigating something from the inside, as members of a group o i.e. Rosenhan’s pseudopatients • observer bias: occurs when observers overestimate or underestimate occurrence of events • social network analysis (SNA) :enable researchers to measure and graph large networks. • Judgement study: strategy for quantifying qualitative observational data is to use judges or raters o A set of judgement studies were performed by bales • Observational methods sometimes use public records archival material. These can be o Actuarial records  Birth, marriage, death o Political and judicial records  Voting records o Government records  Weather, invention, crime reports o Informa
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