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Chapter 9

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PSYC 2110
Jean Varghese

Chapter 9: Multistore model: info-processing model that depicts info flowing through 3 stores, sensory store, short-term store, long-term store st Sensory story: 1 info processing store in which stimuli are first recognized Short-term story: stimuli is retained for seconds and operated upon Long-term store: info that had been examined and interpreted is permanently stored Executive control processes: regulating attention and determining what to do with info Metacognition: knowledge about cognition and recognition of cognitive activities Knowledge base: one’s existing info about a topic!! Strategies: goal directed mental operations to facilitate performance Production deficiency: failure to spontaneously generate and use known strategies that could improve memory and learning Utilization deficiency: failure to benefit from effective strategies one has spontaneously produced Adaptive strategy choice model: siegler’s model to describe how strategies change over time, a child can use multiple strategies Implicit cognition: occurs without conscious awareness Explicit cognition: occurs through conscious awareness Fuzzy-trace theory: proposed by brainerd and reina, people encode experience along a continuum from verbatim traces to gist traces 1. Verbatim traces: remembering things word for word 2. Gist traces: remembering general meaning of things Attention span: capacity for sustained attention to a particular stimulation Reticular formation: area of brain that is imp for regulating information Autobiographical memory: memory for imp experiences or events that happened to individual Mnemonics: effortful techniques used to improve memory, rehearsal, organization and elaboration Infectile amnesia: lack of memory for early year’s of ones life Semantic organization: strategy for remembering that involves grouping or classifying stimuli into meaningful clus
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