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Bio Basis Ch 9

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Wakefulness and Sleep 91 rhythms of waking and sleeping Endogenous cycles Endogenous circannual rhythm a birds rhythm which prepares it for seasonal change Endogenous circadian rhythm the urge of sleep relies not just on how long youve been awake but also on the time of day The rhythm is used for sleep but also body temperature 367C at night and 372C in the late afternoon The mean preferred time of going to sleep gets later and later until 20 years old when it reverses Setting and resetting the biological clock To reset the circadian rhythm of someone a zeitgeber is needed to be used light is the zeitgeber for land animals and tides for water animals Other zeitgebers for land animals include exercise noise meals temperature Jet lag Comes from a mismatch of internal circadian rhythms and the external time Going west we phase delay our rhythm so it is easier to move west Going east we phase advance our rhythm so we are sleepier going east since it is harder for us to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier than normal Having too much jet lag can result in elevated amount of cortisol which leads to memory impairments by the hippocampus Shift work Only some people are able to do the night shift however it is easier if people sleep in dark rooms during the day and work in brighter light at night Mechanisms of the biological clock The superchiasmatic nucleus SCN
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