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Ch 3 of Bio Basis

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Synapses 31 The concept of the synapse The properties of synapsesSherrington was a pioneer of neuroscience to determine that 2 different neurons communicate differently than on either ones axon came up with the idea of synapse Reflex arc the circuit from the sensory neuron to the brain to the motor neuronmuscle movement Speed of a reflex and delayed transmission at the synapse Transmission at a synapse is different from a transmission along an axon this is because there needs to be a junction between the two neurons which takes longer than when an action potential on only one axon takes place Temporal summationTemporal summation is when a stimuli is repeated within a brief time period it will have a cumulative effect stronger than an effect that one stimulus alone would have Ex A light pinch would not create a reflex but a lot in a certain time would this is because a single pinch does not reach the threshold of a postsynaptic neuron which receives the information Excitatory Postsynaptic Potential EPSP is a graded depolarization which means that either a depolarization or hyperpolarization can occur created bc of Na ions in cellSpatial summation Is the idea that if different areas are stimulated at once it will similar to the temporal summation create an action potential Inhibitory synapses When a flexor muscle is contracted bc of a stimulus motor neuron contracts it the other connected extensor muscles will hyperpolarize not allowing them to be inflicted by motor neurons
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