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Ch 4 of Bio Basis

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Anatomy of the Nervous System Terminology to describe the nervous system Central Nervous System Is the brain and spinal cordPeriphery Nervous System Consists of the nervous outside of the brainspinal cordSomatic Nervous System Part of PNS consists of the axons from the sensory organsCNSmuscles Autonomic Nervous System Part of PNS control the heart intestines other organs some of the cell bodies are in the brainspinal cord or in clusters along the sides of the spinal cordDorsal back of the brain Ventral means towards the stomach Another way to picture the brain is from the horizontal sagittal and coronal planes Horizontal plane cut the brain horizontally Sagittal cuts the brain in half Coronal plane frontal cuts the brain in half but front to back The Spinal Cord Communicates with all sensory organs and muscles except for those in the head BellMagnesia Law the axons on the dorsal side of the spinal cord carry the sensory neurons and the axons on the ventral side carry the motor neurons The sensory neurons are found in clusters of dorsal root ganglions outside of the spinal cord whereas the cell bodies of the motor neurons are found inside the spinal cord Gray matter of the spinal cord is packed with dendrites and cell bodies the white matter contains the axons and uses the white matter to send info to other parts of the CNS The spinal cord is in charge of sending sensory info to the brain and receiving motor info from the brain
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