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PSYC 3140
Stephen Fleming

Ch11 SubstanceRelated Disorders and Impulse Control DisordersSubstanceRelated Disorders range of problems associated with the use and abuse of drugs substances which alters the way people think feel and behave exalcohol cocaineImpulsecontrol disorders problems that involve the inability to resist acting on a drive or temptation ex unable to resist gambling setting fires etc Perspectives on SubstanceRelated Disorders1992 Catholic Church declared drug abuse and drunk driving are sins Polysubstance use use of multiple substances such as drugs Substance chemical compounds that are ingested in order to alter mood or behaviour not just drugs like heroinecocaine but also includes things such as alcohol and caffeine in coffeeLevels of InvolvementWhat does it mean to use and to become addictedUse Substance use is the ingestion of psychoactive substances in moderate amounts that do not significantly interfere with social educational or occupational functioning Intoxication Our physiological reaction to ingested substancesgetting high Examples of intoxication experienced are impaired judgment mood changes etcIntoxicated depends on the drug taken how much is ingested and the personsindividual biological reactionAbuse when the use of the substance significantly starts to interfer with the users life Does it disrupt your education job relationships or cause you to have legal problemsIf so you are a drug abuserSome evidence suggests that high school drug use can predict later job outcomes Itfound that repeated hard drug use predicted poor job outcomes at age 29Substance Dependence usually described as addiction but there is some disagreement on this descriptionIn one definition the person is physiologically dependent on the drugrequires increasingly more of the drug to experience the same effect tolerance and will respond physically in a negative way when the substance is no longer ingestedwithdrawalAnother view is psychological dependence this view is a definition in progress unsuccessful efforts to control its use and substantial effort expended toseek it or recover from its effectsDependence can be present without abuse Ex Cancer patients taking morphine for pain may become dependent on the drug build up a tolerance and go through withdrawal if it is stoppedwithout abusing it Diagnostic Issues Symptoms of other disorders can complicate the substance abuse picture significantly Some researchers have estimated that more than half the people with alcohol disorders have an additional psychiatric disordersuch as major depression bipolar disorder etcExample In a study of six countries including Canada alcohol disorders were found to be occur together with mood and anxiety disorders gambling problemsSubstance use might occur together with other disorders for several reasonsjust by chance drug intoxication and withdrawal can cause symptoms of anxiety depression andpsychosis and can increase risk takingthe mental health disorders cause the substance use disorder DepressantsDepressants these substances result in behavioural sedation and can induce relaxation They include alcohol and the sedative hypnotic and anxiolytic drugs in the families of barbiturates eg Seconal and benzodiazepines eg Valium Halcion Xanaxprimarily decreases central nervous system activityprincipal effect is to reduce our levels of physiological arousal and help us relax Alcohol Use DisordersClinical Description though considered a depressant its initial effect is as an apparent stimulant
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