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Abnormal Psych Ch 9

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Mood Disorders91 unipolar depression Most common psych problemSymptoms of depressionEmotional sadness which is a deep unrelenting pain they also experience anhedonia which is a lost interest in everything in life even when they try to enjoy they have no emotional reaction Physiological and Behaviour changes in appetite sleep and activity levels levels can either increase or decrease depending on person behaviorally ppl have psychomotor retardation where they walk gesture and talk slowly they have lack of energy and are chronically fatiguedSome people engage in psychomotor agitation instead of retardation where they cant sit still and fidget a lot Cognitive thoughts include being worthless guilt hopelessness and even suicide they get delusions beliefs w no basis of reality and hallucinations seeing hearing or feeling things which arent realThe diagnosis of unipolar depressive disordersMajor depression MDD has a depressed mood or lack of interest in daily life and at least 4 other symptoms of depression for 2 weeks symptoms create inability to function in daily life Dysthymic disorder less severe than major depression but is more chronic person must have a depressed mood and 2 other symptoms for at least two yearsDouble depression experiencing both major and dysthymic disorder person will have chronic dysthymic and then sink to major depression Once that is over they will go back to having dysthymic depression again never return to normal mood they are less likely to respond to treatment than the 2 disorders alone Subtypes of depression includeMelancholic features physiological symptoms are prominent Depression w psychotic features experience delusionshallucinations during MDDCatatonic features experience catatonia range from lack of movement to excited agitationAtypical features ve rxn to some events heavy feeling of arms and legs hypersomnia weight gainincrease appetite Postpartum onset Onset of MDD happens in the four weeks after delivery Bipolar postpartum onset can take place postpartum blues emotional lability where women has quick shifting mood swings Seasonal patternseasonal affective disorder have 2 years of MDD and is based on how many daylight hours there are shortermore depressed to be diagnosed the mood changes have to come for no other reason than the season change Prevalence and course of depressionThere is no difference bw Canada and US for depression ppl in US wout health care are more depressed than those w health care or ppl in Canada Depression is found high from ppl 1524 and decreases until 85 when it increases again The rate for depression decreases w age bc 1 ppl are less likely to admit to it 2 depression can also occur w a physical problem makes it harder to diagnosis 3 older ppl have more cognitive impairments so its hard to distinguish if they have depression or the cognitive impairment 2 final reasons of the low rate are that 1 People w depression have a shorter survival rate since physical health decreases 2 as you get older coping skills improve and a better outlook on life Women are more likely to have a depressive disorder but this equals out w age and men who never married People w depression are likely to have chronic symptoms which leads to a decrease of employment for these ppl however undergoing treatment allows ppl to recover faster and are less likely to relapse Many ppl do not seek help since they feel that they will eventually get over the symptoms Depression in children and adolescentIs less common than w adults 20 of ppl under 20 will experience an episode of MDD
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