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Neural Basis of Behavior: Ch 17

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PSYC 3250
Pauline Charlton

Anxiety DisordersCharacterized by unrealistic unfounded fear and anxiety Panic disorder generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder Description Panic disorder suffering from episodic attacks of acute anxiety can range from seconds to hoursLeads to sweating irregular heartbeats and feelings of unreality victim often feels like they are going to die Anticipatory anxiety anxiety caused by the fear that another panic attack will occuroften leads to agoraphobia GAD excessive anxiety and worry and difficulty controlling the symptoms Social anxiety disorder persistent fear of being exposed to the scrutiny of others and causes the person to avoid situations in which they are asked to perform Possible causes Has a hereditary component presence of the short allele of 5HT is associated wincrease anxiety The amygdala cingulate prefrontal and insular cortex are all associated Increased activation of the amygdala is associated wa higher severity of anxiety Treatment Can be treated w benzodiazepines used to target GABA and decrease activity in the amygdala and insularwhen given a tranquilizer to decrease GABA panic attack patients increased in anxiety but control patients did not SSRIs w CBT are the most effective treatment
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