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Psychology and the Law ch 3

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York University
PSYC 3310
Regina Schuller

Ch 3 DeceptionThe polygraph techniqueThe first polygraph was created by Marston 1917 who developed a systolic blood pressure test to determine if someone was using deception as evidence of ones innocence Polygraph device used to measure ones autonomic nervous system to responses Breathing sweat galvanic skin response and heart rate are measured The canadian police college is the only place in canada that offers training on polygraphs and only to police officers Applications of the polygraph test Is used for a the criminal investigation if it shows the person is guilty police can persuade him to confess help verify a crime occurred and assess and monitor sexual offenders on probation whether they have sexual fantasies on children Polygraph disclosure tests uncover info about an offenders past behaviour the CSIS and RCMP both use it in order to determine whether someone is fit for the job Types of polygraph testsRelevantIrrelevant Test found on slides from lecture The Comparison Question Test CQTStarts with a pretest interview the examiner warns the suspect on the accuracy of the machine develops control questions and learns the background of the suspect Then 10 questions are asked which require either yes or no answers 3 types of questions are asked irrelevantbaseline questions abt their background relevant questions about the crime and control questions questions on the past history of the suspect w things that would arouse emotion Relevant and control questions are compared and if the relevant are higher then the person is assumed to be guilty the innocent would react more to the control questions 3 outcomes of the test truthful deceptive and inconclusive
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