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Chapter 8

PSYC 3430 Chapter 8: Power

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PSYC 3430
Peter K Papadogiannis

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PSYC3430 Group Dynamics
Dynamic Must look at leader and follower; changes over time
oFollowers will change over time (mature)
oSituations change over time
oNeeds change over time
Power over people becomes self-serving
Power with ppl
Social power: the capacity to influence others
Direct power (vs indirect) norms, group values
Dark side of personality/ leadership power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely (lord
oCharisma, extraversion
Video: obedience: fast food strip search
oPower of authority that gets good ppl to do bad things
oCon man phones fast food restaurant claiming that he a police office and demands employees to do a
strip search for lost money/ drug
Victims (employees) conformed to the demands
Were very scared, feared being fired
o"modern example of the Milgram experiment"
Power is the ability or authority to influence and motivate others leaders may not be able to lead w out it
Constructive use of power occurs when (Deutsch)
oPower is used to enhance group effectiveness than to reduce it
oPower is used to benefit followers and the group
oOthers agree to your power rather occurring w out their agreement
Positive effects of power
oProactive, engaged
oPositive, strong emotions
oGoal focused
oEnhanced cognitive functioning
oInsulates from influence
Know Milgram findings
Video: Derren Brown Milgram experiment
oMost ppl stopped at 315-330 volts
Group effects
oMilgram's findings: only 1/3 group members was an actual participant
oIf 2 others gave shocks, 92% obedience
oIf 2 others refused to give shocks, 90% disobedience
Agendic state
Replication studies (2009)
oJerry M Burger replicated Milgram's study on the effects of punishment on learning (max shock was 150
o70 participants (ppl who knew
oPut adds in the mercury news and craigslist
oBurger found that 70% of the sample had to be stopped from giving 150 shock; 70% went all the way
(82% for Milgram's)
oPower of the situation
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