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Chapter 10

PSYC 3480 Chapter 10: Psych of Women - Chapter 10

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PSYC 3480

Chapter 10 Womens Employment Ratesand Occupational Choices Employment Rates o Womens labour force participation has increased dramatically in recent decades, especially among mothers of young kids o Women now comprise half the workforce o Women with disabilities have lower employment rates than either men with disabilities or ablebodied women o Women with disabilities may confront several barriers in the workplace little or no accessible parking or public transportation nearby, inaccessible work environments, and a need for adaptations to workstations o What accounts for the influx of women in the workplace? o Womens movement provided encouragement for women to consider other role options o Womens current high level of edu attainment has better prepared them for careers that provide greater challenge, stimulation, and a sense of accomplishment o Many women must work for financial reasons (in workingclass families, 2 incomes are often needed to remain above the poverty line) Occupational Choices o The 20 occupations withthe lowest of women are in 4 major groups: construction; installation, maintenance and repair; production; transportation and material moving (hard hat occupations) o Occupations with greatest concentrationof women similarly clusteredin a few groups: healthcare, office and admin work, teaching, caring for young kids o Women have increased their numbers in both managerial and professional jobs o When women and ethnic minorities hold managerial positions, they tend to be concentrated in positions with lower pay and less authority and are more likely to manage workers of their own sex and ethnicity o In 2009, women accounted for over 95 of all kindergarten teachers and dental assistants, but only 20 of computer programmers and 7 of civil engineers o Although more women have entered the high paying skilled trades still comprise less than 3 of these workers o Women remain segregated in pink collar occupations o Workplace continues to be characterized by sig. sex segregation with men tending to dominate the most highpaying and prestigious occupations, such as medicine, engineering, and banking o Workplace is segregated by ethnicity as well whites are more likely than blacks and Latinaos to hold high statys and highpaying managerial or professional jobs and ethnic minorities are more likely to hold service jobs
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