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PSYC 3480
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Chapter 5 Study Notes  Cautions about the way psychologists conduct their research  We need to be cautious about interpreting results  1. Biased samples can influence results – most research is on college students, we know nothing about non college attendees, mostly white people  2. Researchers expectations bias results – usually what the research wants influences the study  3. Seldom find gender differences in research – frequency distributions  tell us how many people in a sample receive each score, typically a frequency distribution for males and females have a LARGE OVERLAP and SMALL SEPERATION … males and females are reasonably similar  4. Researches seldom find gender differences in each situation – we cannot make general statements about gender overall. Males and females have remarkably similar  5. Gender differences found in research should not discourage the opposite gender from pursing a career in a certain field  Meta-analysis approach to summarizing Studies  Originally used the box-score approach – combine results of various studies and tally results to form overall yes or no  However, box-score turns up ambiguous results  Meta-analysis – provides a statistical method for combining numerous studies on a single topic  First locate all appropriate studies on the topic  Separate females from males, then calculate the general average from the two  Cohn’s D is the number produced by meta-analysis results  effect size COGNITIVE ABILITIES  Females and males are most similar is general intelligence measured by IQ test  IQ tests eliminate gender differences  IQ scores for males greater variability than IQ scores for females  Media often claims that women are better then men at multi-tasking, however, untrue! Complex cognitive tasks  Equally competent when problem solving and creativity tasks performed  No gender differences in learning styles Memory Ability  Women score higher on memory tasks then males  Women are better at recall memory  Women are more accurate at remembering life events  Girls more emotional therefore better at recalling life events RE: CHAPTER 3  Women are better at recognizing faces  More accurate at recalling detail regarding clothing or hair on another person General verbal ability  Little research on gender comparisons on verbal ability  Gender differences girls better vocabulary then boys @ 3years old then goes away  Similar spelling vocabulary abilities  Females better at verbal fluency  SAT reading comprehension minimal gender differences Reading disabilities  Males more likely then females to have language problems  Teachers may target males who are less attentive and more active as having reading disabilities, however, they are just excited  Males 1.2 times more likely then girls to have reading disabilities Mathematics Ability  Most attention / research in this area  Females and males similar in math ability  HOWEVER females actually get better grades in math then boys  TAKE HOME MESSAGE  BOYS AND GIRLS SIMILAR IN MATH ABILITY  Grades in mathematics courses  Females earn higher grades in 5 6 8 and 10 as well as college math courses  Females perform better in similar situations with previously learned material  Males perform better in uncertain situations with new material Mathematic
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