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24 Apr 2012

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PCIT Chapter 2
Research on PCIT:
o Evidence based seeking of change in behaviours
o Generalization seen to setting and to other individuals
o Different line of rsrch out there for pcit
Recent research initiatives:
o Diagnostic groups:
Theoretical principles underlying apply to many child disorders; limited rsrch
existed though
Separation anxiety seen most study-; didn’t meet diagnostic criteria for sad,
following treatment pcit
Also helps for ODD oppositional defiant
Helps for mental retardation and autism
Chronic illness, medical issues-positive changes in p/c
o Cultural groups:
Spanish seen effective; hongkong-signif decreases in disruptions
o Other parent characteristics:
Fathers in need of being in rsrch
Foster, abusive, and intimate partner violence need to be rsrech
Diff affects to involved vs. uninvolved fathers
Fewer dropouts I enhanced pcit and reduced abuse in comparisons
However pcit helped in any event reduce and cause less risk of abuse
Children exposed to ipv-intimate partner violence have
internalizing/externalizing with rents
Foster care parents-equally effective
o Therapist characteristics and behaviours:
Verbalizations during 1st assessment, cdi coaching predicted drop out; client
oriented/ alliance needed
o Intervention format:
Parent child atonement therapy employs many behavioural techniques utilized
in pcit, but designed to address need of younger children 12-30 mos
Pcit- places emphasis on praise more
Also doesn’t have pdi treatment
Also pcat is conducted in shorter sessions
Pcit for older children under way
Others incorporate didactic videos , telephones consultations=abbreviated=no
mastery program
Less intensive may be approps
Foster parents were satisfied with intervention; significant positive changes in
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