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Social Science
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Robin Metcalfe

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NATS 1745 Jasanjit Sekhon 212954533 Several Years ago, the research team and the scientist were astonished from the discovery of one new planet made by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, research team who is co led by Jack Lissauer of the Ames Research Center. Since that was not enough, recently the team announced that the Kepler spacecraft has discovered a whopping 715 new planets, opening up 715 new worlds. NASA is using a spacecraft called Kepler, whose main goal is to look for extra celestial bodies that may be lurking in outer space. In order to discover new planets Jack Lissauer and his team came up with a technique known as verification by multiplicity which goes in hand with the probability. By using this technique Kepler found 715 planets orbiting 315 stars. Also the researcher have noticed that all of the newly discovered planets are located in what is called a, “mutli -planets systems” and Kepler also found that “about ninety five percent of the planets appear smaller than Neptune, which is less than four times the size of earth.” (Philips, Dr. Tony, 2014) From those planets, the researcher do not really know what the surface may be made of, it may be either completely solid or may be composed of gases or may be similar to our home planet. Kepler has an ongoing research that it has to complete, without a given due date. As of yet, it has discovered 715 new planets, whom are orbiting 315 stars. So, its main focus is on finding more celestial bodies, and stars with similar solar systems like ours. Along with finding planets it will also be taking HD pictures, giving the researchers a fair insight of the physical properties, and the structure size of the planet. Kepler is specifically programmed to
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