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Social Science
SOSC 1140
Patti Nyman

LECTURE 22 March 25, 2014. Ideological Factors in Social Change A New Idea of Revolution • Individual and Culture ⇒ Political Structure  Change only as final act  Would not require violence  Couldn’t be resisted by violence either  Recovery of ourselves • A Change in Consciousness (needed for society to change)  How does our consciousness need to change for us to live in a truly free society?  First time historically if there were a revolution, it would be in a very well functioning society  ^^^^^ So what would our revolution look like?  Change our way of life and humanity  Each social era creates a type of person that fits the era  E.g. Industrial era: can work machines The Nature of Our Present Crisis (PROBLEM) • Disorder, Corruption, Hypocrisy, War • Poverty, Distorted Priorities, and Law-Making by Private Power • Uncontrolled Technology and the Destruction of the Environment • Decline of Democracy and Liberty • The Artificiality of Work and Culture • Absence of Community • Loss of Self  Sense of unreality  Fail to act upon the problems listed above “Unreality” and Ideology • Universal Sense of Powerlessness  Living in society no one created and no one wants  Feel like we can’t act  How do we define our crises?  Mindless technology and mass media etc.  ^ Contributing but MORE FUNDAMENTAL = Consciousness 1 • “Unreality” and Ideology: The Discrepancy Between Reality of Society and Our Beliefs About It  Ideology  E.g. Walk around and feel like in free and equal society BUT we know the reality is that most of us in this room are free out of necessity for future  Fails to see true possibilities and potential of society  keep living the way things are  We know the problem but don’t know what to do and how to do it  This is our true source of powerlessness  Pg. 13: We no longer understand the society we live in … rumbles along unguided  PROBLEM: indifferent to human ends, human needs, human interests A Change in Consciousness • Consciousness: Worldview, Mindscape, Perception of Reality  Consciousness: different than opinion, information or values  Not what you say you believe or value (those are just claims not how you actually see the world)  IT IS a perception of reality or a worldview  What matters is something deeper, the feel of the world around us…  Consciousness: Vehicle of Social Change  How do we preserve our humanity? What is our humanity? • Preservation of Humanity and Renewal of Life  ^^ How to change consciousness ^^  The new consciousness is appropriate to today’s realities  When we talk about future societies that overcome social inequality we never go backwards to the past… the alternative starts from today’s technology and then the human is added  This change in consciousness is huge task  Live in new way science and tech for only direct human needs and integrated with living free life where not alienated, no separation more liberation  Pg. 19 task of learning how to live in this way ROSZAK Our Collective Mindscape • The Repression of the “Religious” Sensibility  NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH RELIGION (GOD)  He means: the search and need for meaning  Want life to be meaningful and this is the religious impulse  This need and resulting creation of needing systems that are eliminating the religious meaning  This elimination is what causes new age movements (tarot cards, astrology, self help 2 books)  people are desperate for meaning • A World Rendered Meaningless  Because of scientific rationality: our consciousness  Sci Rat occurs b/c: industrialized of society, dominance of business culture  Consciousness = mindscape: ours is SINGLE VISION (Sci Rat)  This mindscape is connected w
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