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Social Science
SOSC 1340
Kean Birch

The corporation by Joel Bakan Chapter 3 summary : The Externalizing Machine Joel Bakan continues with his explanation about the corporations and how evil they are. This chapter talks about some specific character that all the corporations share in general, they refer to it by the word "externalities" which it basically means the corporations make profit by using other's health and wealth. Externalities can be positive and negative as Joel Bakan explain it, it could be positive because it creates many jobs which helps to make the economic growth better, but externalities are mostly negative because of the bad effects that it has on people. Joel talks about some specific example that caught my attention and every other reader, the example was about Patricia Anderson which is a mother of four children, Patricia was driving on her way home happily with her kids since it was Christmas time and they were all excited. Sadly she got into a car accident which it lead to an explosion that caused her and her children to have a major injuries. The explosion happened because the company which manufactured all the 1979 Malibu cars with the same system that year, they placed the gas tank in a spot where it is extremely risky and easily exposed to danger, the reason why General Motors placed the gas tank really close from the rear bumper was to save them money and make more profit. This example shows how the corporations put the profit over anything else including people lives. Joel gives another example about the sweatshops companies which they still exist in some countries, Kernaghan is a director of the National Labour Committee, his job is to look for factories that still abuse the workers, basically he is looking for sweatshop labour and try to stop these factories, Kernaghan talks to one of the people who works in a sweatshop, and she complains to Kernaghan about how she gets treated, and how she is scared to even sleep at night, Wendy Diaz is only sixteen years old, she gets beaten up, she gets paid such a little amount that is not even enough to afford food, she also works 12 hours to four hours per day and 7 days a week. These corporations abuse these young workers, make them work hard and abuse them till they grow older then they fire them. Another example was about the 1911 Traingle Shirtwaist Factory, it was about another sweatshop, and the owner used to lock all the workers inside the factory so they wouldn't escape. Unfortunately one day there was a fire
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