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Social Science
SOSC 1430
Soren Frederiksen

DEPENDENCY THEORY - international capitalism = blockade to third world development (41) - dependency theory is the view of the South (42) - dependency school: underdevelopment is a process, not just failure to develop but an active process of impoverishment (42) - all societies were traditional at one point, but when capitalism started in Europe 16 century, their main goal was profit: through production of agricultural goods, long distance commerce, and this eventually made the Europeans empower the rest of the world (42) -  unequal bargaining and trade through European economic power (43) th - 16 century onwards, capitalism changed social systems of the world, even today, neocolonial capitalist empowerment still remains in third world (43) -  thus, third world ever more dependent on the rich countriesworkers of poor countries produce material exports for rich countries, they work for foreign companies, and paid dollar a day and have no choice - Poverty is not traditional, not accidental (43) rich countries needed cheap goods from third world, this created economic expansion, but drained and impoverished the third world (43) - All African countries shouldn’t be characterized as traditional since they were uprooted and changed by centuries of slave trade; Caribbean region, British capitalism thrived on plantation system which damaged the local area and creating more poverty (44) -  sugar plantations aren’t traditional, they were made to the need of economically powerful nations -  ordinary people were taken out of regular lifestyle and culture, and forced to work in mines, factories, plantations etcrich were dependant on low wage of workers = more profit (44) - Rich countries dictate the LDC trade pattenrs, suck resources, and economic agencies (WMF) in favour of rich (45) - TW was always underdeveloped because of low wages given by colonialists(45) - Industrialization = good for $$, but = mass unemployment, poverty, greater gap of rich and poor (45) - TW exports are exponentially declining in comparison with the price of imports from rich countries (46) = more of a good will be needed in order to purchase another good, due to dependence on rich countries - Export prices  low due to low wage goods of HDC high due to increasing incomeTW wage low due to terms of traderich have high wage due to exploitation of poor (46) - Core of underdevelopment= rich/politicians of a country relation with rich countries =$$ for them, but in turn, less resources/wealth for their people they serve solely for the need of rich world (47) - Capitalism has made TW underdeveloped, poor, and incapable of meeting peoples’ needs – not due to tradition or primitive society (47) - Capitalism= power/growth for rich world, LDC involved in capitalism for 100’s yrs, but how they were involved has made them poor - LUST FOR GOLD LUST FOR SILVER - Spanish explorers massacre, murder, slaughter, and torture the indigenous inhabitants of the America’s - They lifted up the gold as if they were monkeys, with expressions of jay, as if it put new life into them and lit up their hearts. As if it were certainly something for which they yearn with a great thirst. Their bodies fatten on it and they hunger violently for it(29) - They steal their resources and wealth, and exported it back to Europe - Pizarro’s soldier’s were thought the city was of the Caesars, because it was so majestic and grand in its beautiful architecture, but it was all looted and stolen (30)  so there was infrastructure and wealth before the Europeans came - Refers to Peruvian architecture: they could not completely destroy its massive walls…colossal architecture = superior infrastructure, before it was destroyed (30) - Discovery of precious metals in America’s, the enslavement, the extirpation, and burial in the mines of aboriginal population, the beginning of the conquest and looting of East Indies, and turning African into a lair for commercial and capital = sparked the era of capitalist production (39) - Double tragedy: poor countries were in the shadows of international concentration of accumulating capital for Europe, and they had to some how get out of their current situation, which was created by Europeans and the North (39) - Regions that are now most underdeveloped, were once enjoying the metropolis system and economic growth (42) - If the colonialism and capitalistic process was not so futile, Bolivia could have had tremendous wealth, but now they are left with only a memory of their past splendors and fortunes by the churches and palaces built by the colonialists. Potosi is a city which gave the most wealth to the world, but now has the least. (43) - Now there is nothing left, no gold, silver, nor anything that resembles prosperity. Centuries of colonialism/exploitatio
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