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Gender, Race and the body

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Mar 05 Gender Race and the Body Read Evelyn Nakano Glenn Yearning for Lightness TransnationalCircuits in the Marketing and Consumption of Skin Lighteners p 231 250 kit Articles on Caster Semenyas makeover posted on class web page httpwwwtelegraphcouksportothersportsathletics7873240CasterSemenyagivenallclearaftergendertestrowhtmlCaster Semenya the South African world 800 metres champion is set to be cleared to run against women ending her 11month exile from competitive racing since she was ordered to undergo a gender verification testThe International Association of Athletics Federations and the authorities in South Africa are expected to announce within a few days that the athlete is free to return to the track ending one of the biggest controversies ever to engulf the sportHer coach Michael Seme has admitted that she has not been training at 100 per cent due to the uncertainty over her future while it is also believed that she has been undergoing medical treatment for an intersex conditionThere were unconfirmed media reports last year that her gender test had revealed both male and female characteristics The treatment for such a condition would involve surgery or more likely hormones and would explain why it has taken so long to resolve her case Either way the treatment could have a major impact on her physical capability in the futureIt had been widely assumed that Semenya had been waiting in limbo for 11 months for the results of gender verification tests carried out on her following her victory in BerlinThe fact that Semenya will now be free to compete in womens races suggests the treatment is complete to the satisfaction of the medical expertsAlthough the whispers about her masculine features had begun at the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune India it was her astonishing performance at the African Championships
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