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Ch 2 Crystallization of the City1From this line Mumford is trying to explain that a large number of people is not the only component to turning a village into a city it is more than just numbers The city is now a process of developing and prospering more than a village of people would be able to do Mumford mentions food and reproduction as something villagers see as survival whereas in turning the village into a city involves more than basic necessities for survival Turning a village into a city involves urbanization and advancements 2The village changing was leading to a significant urban transformation because old village components were being passed along to the cities transformation these old village components were taken andincorporated in new urban units but in a new way These old components being used in a new way gave room for further developments and transformation to the city3the archaic village culture yielded to urban civilization Mumford 30 is a line Mumford uses to describe the beginnings of urban civilization Through the cities power at the hands of the royalty much of the order was given to make villagers work for not only survival anymore but for the royals and other city people The new power system in place gave way to u
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