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Social Work
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September 23 Chapter 3 The History of Social WorkPg 3647The Development of a ProfessionThe immediate antecedents of AngloCanadian social work can be found in such socioeconomic changes in Britain and the Unites States in the 19th and 19th centuryRelief in the 19th century was based on the poorhouse or workhouseIn the 20th century it shifted to the provision of food and other necessities to people in need in their own homes and later to the provision of cashFrom mid20th century the state played an important roleAfter WW2 social welfare expanded and so did the social work professionPHASE 1The Era of Moral Reform Pre 1890The preindustrial phase of the development of social work includes the period from the formation of Canada up to the 1890sPrivate Charities an early approach to social work that involved private individuals and religious organizations that provide material relief to the pooroIt was the religiously motivated people working in these organization who became that early social workersThis period saw the rise in Charity Organisation Society COS which were the roots of casework and the notion of helping people adjust to their environment can be traced to the COSPHASE 1 The Era of Moral ReformThe Era of Moral ReformPre1890Private charities An early approach to social work that involved private individuals and religious organizations that provided material relief to the poorThere were two religious thrust that underlie the subsequent history of divergent views of social work1Native Protestant and missionary expressed concern of pious and rather wellestablished people for those whom they received as strangers and outsiders2Immigrant Groups as forms of mutual aid and solidarity in a threatening environmentEarly Charity Organization The Roots of Social WorkIn the 19th century public assistance in English Canada was guided largely by the example of EnglandPoor Relief The Poor Laws signaled an important progression from private charity to public welfare where the care and supervision of the poor was the responsibility of each town village or hamlet The poor law of 1601 and its reform in 1832 carefully distinguished between two types of indoor reliefoOne for elderly and sick who could receive relief in almshouses or poorhouses
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