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Barbara Hanson

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when your next door neighbour loses their job. Depression is when you lose your job. Capitalism is all about growth and wanting more. • Sustainability of Resources – they want to increase the hydro-electric generating capacity. Capitalism is veracious. It just wants more. There is no happiness point. You’re only as good as your next move. Comparison Points – Nature of Change • Historical/Inevitable - Society is built on this dialectic between the few rich and the many poor. Marx predicted that this is going to explode, which in fact it did – into the Russian Revolution. If you look at Dr. Zhivago. This idea of owning property as sin and people owning things collectively. • Property is key – “take land, add labour, get property” • Socialism – From each according to his abilities. Socialism is the first stage and communism is the second stage. One of the things is getting rid of the private property. • Socialism – OHIP vs US healthcare – the US healthcare system is privately funded and people have to pay for their healthcare through insurance. People by right in Ontario residence (for at least 90 days), have the right to healthcare.All people share in the resources to the system. • Communism – to each according to his needs. In capitalism, one person is entitled to a piece of land and puts a fence around it instead of sharing it. The tradition of nomadic cultures – property in a capitalist system is taken for granted. One person owns it whereas in indigenous cultures, people share it. In this view – instead of taking all wealth away, it is redistributed equally. • Marx predicted this revolution. Comparison Points – Research • Praxis – we want to hurry this process up. It’s going to be better for everyone when we break down capitalism to bring forth socialism and communism. • We try to use praxis to help people understand and put them in better conditions. • Historical comparative – because of this idea of the haves and have-nots, there is a false consciousness created whereby people believe they are being treated fairly when they are not. Someone is actually taking advantage of their labour. • Marx looked at the historical move from agrarian societies to industrial societies, with workers going from being the means of production to working with the means of production. Sociological Theory – Unit 2 – Conflict Theory – Modern – Lecture • 3 main players: Mills, Dahrendorf, Bourdieu • Conflict theory has changed because the world has changed in a number of ways. • Probability theory – all started with a monk named Gregor Mendel – calculates the probability of genetics. • Theory of relativity – developed by Einstein • Huge change in technology – example ink quill pens -> ball point pens – the players changed, but the game is the same. There is a lot of debate about what technology is doing to your learning process. Some say we are just being hand-fed the answers. • With theory accelerating, there is a whole question of what we are doing as academics/social scientists. Should we be scientists? Have the changes that have occurred going forward been a positive thing? • Colonialism created racial identities for people around the world. There are problems dealing with the destructions of cultures into what colonialism created. Colonialism’s racialization of its treatment of racisms has come under criticism. • With racialization, sexual orientation, and disabilities, comes new theories to explain lives. • Religious forms have persisted in the practices of European and European-linked institutions via schools, businesses, and universities. It attempts to form assimilations to European cultures.
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