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SOSC 2652 Chapter Notes - Chapter Kit: Saskatoon Freezing Deaths, Neil Stonechild, Criminal Negligence

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SOSC 2652
Anna Pratt

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Exposed in Colour of Justice: Policing Race in Canada Toronto
David Tanovich
From the National post published article The Truth About Racial Profiling it
was identified that majority of the Most Wanted were blacks
Journalist fail to state that violent crimes make up a small % of criminal
Police rarely think about Most wanted when patrolling the streets
69.8% of offenders in federal prison are in for sex, homicide, and robbery
1. 4.8% homicide offences by blacks
2. 4.8 % of sex offenders
3. 6.7% of robbery offenders
Media fails to criticize issues surrounding race, crime and policing.
Toronto Star had series focused on police data  Single Out
Blacks were disproportionately charged with out of sight
traffic violations – failing to update license
34% of blacks are charged with all drivers offences even though
they only make up 8% of the city’s population
These Stats are racial profiling related and not to behavior which attracted
police investigation
Its seem that driving while black as become a crime
 You can’t convince me that they pull over all speeders at gunpoint. They
saw a black man (undercover cop) in a car going fast and they (other police
officers) panicked
Toronto Police Serviced attacked the Star for a 2.7 Billion libel law suit
Lawyer argued that police are racist and wearing a uniform is the
synonymous of racism = lawsuit was dismissed
Toronto Police service meeting with 36 Black officers and 2 Asians and
agreed that racial profiling was a problem they are aware that racial
profiling exists
Black motorist in expensive cars and neighbourhood receives extra
attention was true 
Six officers reported they have been stopped more than 12 times in a year
Blair appoints a new police chef and addresses  I think racism and racial
bias in policing is a problem. I do not deny the existence of racial profiling. As
matter of fact, if we deny its existence, how can we ever tale the steps so it
doesn’t happen in our relationship with the public.
Ontario Human Rights Commission conducted inquiry in 2009 on the effects
of racial profiling
Looked at the harmed caused by racial profiling
400 submissions
Report Paying the Price: The Human Cost of Racial profiling =
no doubt on the existence of racial profiling and a problem in
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