HIS 3728 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: John Sevier, United States Territorial Acquisitions, Fiat Money

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9 Feb 2017

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Chapter 6:the new Republic
White Liberty is not Liberty for all
Oligarchic political structure that have long prevailed in North Carolina
Revolutionary constitution of 1776 had a declaration of rights who is 25
sections of from traditional constitutional Liberties and a certain
protections from a tyranny
General Assembly
Constitutional beginnings
Revolutionary regime blamed for problems of economic recession and
inflation that plagued the 1780s
Treaty of Paris require that the Confederation government recommend
and then to confiscation return of seized property which was later
reinstated in 1782
December 1789 was the establishment of the UNC
Hillsborough convention and 1788 considered ratification of Federal
Raleigh is named the new City and New Capital on December 30th 1794
North Carolina during the acts of Confederation
Conservatives favored a strong central government, radicals opposed to
losing more State Privileges and Powers
Creation of weak national government, States retain sovereignty, States
Cooperation needed for enactment of laws
Westward Expansion, flood of migrants, the NC legislature established
new counties
Western lands and willingness in new states to see them to national
government means money
Cession act April 1784, In October 1784 conservatives and general
assembly repealed it, John Sevier liked it
1776 the State of Franklin was created
The Federal Constitution and the ratification debate
Conservatives believe Revolution liberated Americans from oppression
but feared excessive democracy and MOB rule
Fiat financing and the State of Franklin suggested mob rule
Radicals favored autonomy and sovereignty of the states, appears
executive power and resisted any further delegation of power to national
The Annapolis convention that met in 1786 wanted to revise the Articles of
Philadelphia 1787 May, NC didn’t participate
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