AMERSTD 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Erectile Dysfunction, Individualism

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6 Feb 2017

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Whyte Group Think
Individualism, independence, self reliance
Individual himself has no meaning except it is a member of a group
Group integration, group equilibrium, interpersonal relations
Human relations not american creation but it is mastered with group skills on industrial
society in a premium
Rationalized conformity - an open, articulate philosophy which holds that group values
are not only expedient but right and good as well
3 mutually supporting ideas from the underpinning
1. Moral values and ethics are relative
2. That what is important is the kind of behavior and attitudes that make for the harmonious
functioning of the group
3. That the best way to achieve this thru the application of scientific techniques
Vanishing layman
1. New elite guiding
2. Layman pushed around by social engineers (become one himself a willing apprentice)
Youth in every study shows they have become more group minded
Practical relativism (old absolute moral values are disappearing)
Courses of most popularity were connected with personnel work “i like people”
Entry into business life apparently does not transform these values
Disturbed by individual impotence
System lovers
Relation of individual to the group for writers
Incompetent people were necessary to teach a lesson (newcomers must learn the
antithesis of democracy
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