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Chapter 4,9

SMG OM 323 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4,9: Iso 9000, Life-Cycle Assessment, Continual Improvement Process

Operations & Technology Management
Course Code
SMG OM 323
Justin Ren

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1. Standardization refers to the extent to which there is absence of variety in a product,
service, or process.
a. Made in large quantities of identical items
2. mass customization a strategy of producing standardized goods or services, but
incorporating some degree of customization in the final product or service
a. postponement (delayed differentiation) the process of producing, but not
quite completing, a product or service, postponing completion until customer
preferences or specifications are known.
i. Result of delated differentiation is a product or
service with customized features that can be quickly produced and is still for
the most part standardized
b. modular design a form of standardization in which component parts are
grouped into modules that care easily replace or interchanged.
i. E.G computers, modular parts that can be replaced
when defective
3. robust design design that results in products or services that can function over a
broad range of conditions
a. the more robust, the less likely it is to fail due to a change in the environment in
which it is used or in which it is performed
4. reverse engineering dismantling and inspecting a competitor’s product to discover
product’s improvement
5. concurrent engineering bringing design and manufacturing engineering people
together early in the design phase to simultaneously develop the product and the processes
for creating the product.
6. computer-aided design uses computer graphics for product design
a. can modify an existing design or create a new one by means of a light pen,
keyboard, joystick, etc.
7. component commonality Using the same part in multiple products to…
i. Reduce inventory
ii. Increase bulk discounts
iii. Simplify design and training
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