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Chapter 7

CTVA 309 Chapter 7: the play reader notes

Cinema and Television Arts
Course Code
CTVA 309
Hamidou Soumah

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“The Play” notes!
There is a dierence between recording a play and making a movie.!
Contemporary theorists argue:!
#Narrative has two parts:!
# # Story - characters, setting, events (the what)!
# # discourse - the means by which story is communicated (the how)!
Adapter must take into account conventions of each form !
Drama and Fiction!
#-both: plot, characters, settings, themes, figurative language to evoke intellectual and !
#emotional responses !
#-Dierence: drama = performed, fiction = read!
Drama !
#-has power to create emotional involvement between audience and actors!
# # belongs to theater only !
#-oers dierent types of info simultaneously !
#-play commands undivided attention in ways reading can not !
#-play restricts what writer can write due to being on a stage, lack of sets, lack of POV!
Drama and Film !
#-both: tell a story, have actors, before an audience. social, collective public experience. !
# # Begin with scripts. !
#-dierences: theater audience celebrate spacial limitations while cinema audience !
# # expects spacial mobility. Stage acting exaggerated. Plays used more dialogue # !
# # and less action. !
#-Main dierence is audience’s expectation of movement !
Opening up a play!
#-number of strategies used to transpose story from stage to screen!
#-what we gain from recognizing degree to which play has been opened up!
# # 1. Reminds us of conventions used in film and drama !
# # 2. Helps us compare various adaptations !
# # 3. Generalization about rel. between play and film, leads to interesting ?s!
#-7 ways for adapter to open up a play:!
1. Visualize Sets!
2. Visualize Scenes!
3. Visualize Characters!
4. Visualize Symbols !
5. Use camera to move story into cinematic space!
6. Erase act divisions!
7. Add musical score
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