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Chapter 5

IHS 4504 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Control Variable, Null Hypothesis, Dependent And Independent Variables

Interdis. Health Sciences
Course Code
IHS 4504
Jayanta Gupta

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Chapter 5: Research Question & Hypotheses
Introduction to Chapter I
- The introduction uses relevant literature to support the need for and importance of the
- Essentially, the writer needs to establish who is susceptible to this problem and the
seriousness of the problem.
- At this point it would be important to introduce any theory that might be necessary to
understand this problem and ultimately to the study being proposed.
o Once the importance of the topic has been clearly established and relevant
theory introduced, the writer should next discuss previous attempts to solve the
- Ultimately, this section should lead the reader to see that a next logical step would be to
undertake the research being proposed in the current study.
- The information needed to write the introductory section of Chapter 1 should be taken
primarily from the literature review.
- Organizationally, one can think of the introduction to chapter 1 as an inverted triangle
beginning with the broad global problem leading to the specific problem of the study.
- The introductory section should be written in past tense.
- All sources discussed in the introductory section should be carefully cited and
The problem
- Research problem: a problem that someone wants to research.
o The research problem is the foundation upon which the remainder of the thesis
or dissertation work will be based.
- Purpose statement: a declarative statement that clearly and succinctly describes the
overall direction or focus of the research.
o A purpose statement is typically one or two sentences in length and worded in
the past tense, since the study will be completed when the reader actually reads
the study.
- An alternatives to writing a purpose statement is to write one or several research
o Research questions: interrogative sentences that clearly and succinctly state the
major question or questions to be answered in the study.
- The purpose statement provides the broad, overall purpose of study and the research
questions are really sub-problems that when answered will fulfill the purpose of the
- Remember that the wording of the research question or problem statement is very
- Variable: a characteristic or attribute of an individual or an organization that can be
measured or observed by the researcher and varies among individuals or organizations
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