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Chapter 7

ART 1107 Chapter 7: ART Chapter 7

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Kennesaw State University
ART 1107
Christopher Lee Hall

ART Chapter 7 Deities and Places of Worship What does God look like? Manus Dei Latin for “Hand of God” Religions and their imagery of deities and holy beings Simple geometric shapes often symbolize God: The sphere and dome in Islamic architecture stand for the heavens and the oneness of God. The circle in the Hindu religion, symbolizes the unknowable God. The triangle represents the Christian God. Animism: all forces of nature are inhabited by spirits; a rock or tree can be carved into an image to bring out the natural force False Face Society Mask – (Iroquois) Represent the spirit of a giant, it is carved directly on a tree and only removed when finished. Red if painted in the morning, black if started in the afternoon. Polytheism: the belief in many gods. The Snake goddess represents male and female regenerative powers. Ancient Greek  Zeus or Poseidon: Missing something from his hand, if thunderbolt it would be Zeus, if It’s a trident it is Poseidon Ancient Egypt  Hathor Mesoamerica  Tlaloc Pantheism: belief that a single, divine spirit pervades all things in the universe. Hinduism: appears to have numerous gods, but it is pantheism, rather than polytheism. All of their “gods” are manifestations, or “avatars”, of a divine universal spirit – Brahman the Unbounded Shiva, avatar of Hindu religion Good and evil Male and female Unity in which all opposites meet “Lord of the Dance” stands in perfect balance, body is sleek, supple, and graceful embodiment of cosmic energy balanced pose is the concept of eternal stillness Mudra is a sign of protection Right foot crushes ignorance Buddhism: follows the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama The Enlightened One – the Buddha Great Stupa One symbol for Sakyamuni was the Stupa, a sign of his death and of attainment of nirvana. Buddhist monument, contained ashes and relics of Buddha Bodhisattvas: living beings who have attained Buddhahood but have chosen to remain on earth to help others Monotheism: belief in one god and that there is no other. Judaism is one of the oldest, surviving monotheistic regions of the Western world and also the foundation of Christianity and Islam. Christianity Madonna of the Meadow Jesus is the center, his cousin, St. John the Baptist, at the left, and Mary, his mother. Children sweet, but solemn Cross portends their roles of savior and prophet Human, but dignified and divine They fit into an implied triangle, sacred shape of the trinity Harbor implies protection, Mary was known as the Port of Salvation Islam  Mohammed’s Ascent into Heaven Different Ways Humans Respond to God The Transformation Mask – Pacific Northwest (know differen
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