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Chapter 4

BUS 10123 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Social Media Marketing, Viral Video

Business Administration Interdisciplinary
Course Code
BUS 10123
Eric Von Hendrix

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Chapter 11: A Job in Marketing
Rating: 10!
I am a marketing major so I really enjoyed this section of the course. I can relate to this through
my job at Journeys. I started there when I was 16 as a sales associate and worked my way up to
be a manager! I consider Journeys a hands-on marketing job since we are sales based.
Careers in Marketing:
Marketing Manager
o Average Salary: $147,240
o Education: 4-year degree plus on the job training
Marketing Research Analyst
o Average salary: $70,960
o Education: 4-year degree plus on the job training
Search Marketing Strategist
o Average Salary: $93,350
o Education: 4-year degree plus on the job training
Kent State Courses in Marketing:
Principles of Marketing: MKTG 15985
o An overview of the processes, activities and problems associated with the
conception, planning and execution of the pricing, promotion and distribution of
ideas, goods and services to create exchange values in the market.
Marketing Applications: MKTG 35030
o Students learn and apply strategic and financial analysis skills to make real-world
marketing decisions. Emphasis on marketing planning and core strategic
decisions in marketing, including segmentation, targeting and positioning.
Marketing Research: MKTG 35050
o Focus is on the collection and analysis of new marketing data, both for
exploratory and for decision-making purposes. Students work individually and in
teams developing and communicating responses to managerial questions.
Chapter 12: To Be a Marketing Manager
Rating: 9!
This interested me due to my marketing major and management position. However, I was
interested in taking a different path with my marketing degree. I still gave this a high rating
because I like the marketing field as a whole.
Careers in Marketing:
Marketing Manager
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